• Changing Your Schedule

    Students who want to request a schedule change may begin that process on the date set by the Guidance Department.  No drops, adds, or changes will be allowed after the tenth instructional day of the semester.  During this time frame, any schedule change must have signatures of the counselor, the parent, and the current teacher of record.  No student may drop a course after the tenth instructional day due to compulsory attendance regulations.  Schedule changes during the first 10 instructional days are made based on the following criterion:

    • A student has failed a course and needs to repeat that course.
    • A change is needed as a result of a credit earned in summer school.
    • A change is needed to balance class size.
    • A student has a schedule which is obviously not educationally defensible.

    To request a schedule change within the allowed time and for the proper reason, a student should bring a note signed by his/her parent to the guidance office.

    Planning for Graduation

    It may seem a little early to be thinking about a high school schedule, but making long range plans will help students avoid problems when they are seniors.  Our district encourages each student to make a 6-year plan showing which course they will probably take through middle school and high school.  The process not only addresses making sure all the necessary credits are there at graduation time, but also takes into account the entrance requirements for different universities.   Mostly, the experience encourages students to think about and plan for their future by investigating career possibilities.

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