• Students
    First Week of School

    Students spend their first week of school becoming familiar with procedures and expectation and getting to know their teachers and principals.  Each discipline addresses a different topic each day so that students will feel comfortable because they know what to expect.  By the beginning of the second week, everyone is ready to begin academic work.

    This years activities include a video presentation on Bullying, introduction of this year's theme, emergency drill practice, and an assembly during which teachers present skits to emphasize school rules.   Diagnostic tests are given in each discipline so that teachers will know where to begin their lessons.  Students become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct, helping them to make the best choices from the beginning of school.  Everyone will learn about the clubs and organizations that are available, so that they can decide where to participate. 

    The week will culminate in a pep rally where everyone will celebrate the beginning of a new year and build a spirit of unity that will carry us through this year.