• Hola!  Bienvenidos a la clase de Sra. Dixon!! 
    This site is geared towards making sure that I can help you and your family stay connected with all that is happening in Spanish class. Please come to this site often to see current activities, find reviews, to find out about homework/quiz/test/project information and locate basic information.
    WEEK OF OCTOBER 6TH: We will be working on chapter 1.2 this week. We will be practicing 1-31 and how to tell time, reviewing the alphabet, memorizing the forms of ser, practicing the days of the week-months of the year-seasons, and how to tell birthdays. 
    Quiz on Friday and Monday for Time and numbers
    Our Test will be on Thursday/Friday/Tuesday and Friday next week. We are out on the 13th and 15th, which cuts into our testing.
    When coming to tutorials:
    a. come as soon as you realize you need help or have a question.
    b. please come prepared with what you want to discuss or practice.
    c. please come on-time.
    Tutorial times:
    TUESDAYS: 7:45-8:05
    MONDAYS: 3:35-4:00
    If you were absent and need to make-up work, please come within a week of your return.
    If you did not pass a quiz or a test, you will have an opportunity to re-learn and re-test. You will be able to earn a maximum of a 70.
    In order to facilitate the learning process, you will:
    a. correct the quiz or test
    b. complete a guided review and guided re-work the material that was not originally learned
    c. take a make-up
    You will need to do steps A and B,  in order to take a make-up. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
    A. Be kind and polite to everyone in the class.
    B. Be on time and prepared with supplies.
    C. Use as much Spanish as possible.
    D. Work hard and try.  Really make an effort.
    E. Be open-minded and Have fun!
    *In class, we will be using classroom phrases on a daily basis. I will be providing you with a list of words and phrases that we will use everyday. In order to learn Spanish, we will use Spanish. But, I will provide you with all the information and materials you need to be successful. It is just important that we try and make it fun!