2016 STATE VASE Art Students &Teachers 
    State VASE Art Students LFC Art Club
    LFC ART CLUB 2012-2013
    Mrs. Kathryn Galbraith 
     LFC Art Teacher
       Advanced Art 1 
       Art 1
    **Incoming 2019-2020 Art students and parents**
    Order your Art kits for class from DickBlick.com. Site is available now to order online for the 2019-2020 year.
     Make sure you order for the class you signed up for- Art 1 or Pre-Ap Art 1.
    All art students will need their own personal supplies for class.
             Lowery Freshman Center
               Allen ISD  2018-2019
              Tutoring/Open Studio Times
                   Monday 3:35-4:25pm
                   Tuesday 7:55-8:20am