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    Q:  What is AP Human Geography?

    A:  AP Human Geography is an Advanced Placement class which allows high school students the opportunity to take a college level course while earning their high school geography credit.  At the end of the course the students may take an advanced placement exam. Their score on the exam may allow them to additionally earn college credit.


    Q:  What is the difference between World Geography and Human Geography?

    A:  World Geography is taught with a conceptual approach to physical and human geographic concepts.  AP Human Geography is taught with a global perspective of seven geography themed concepts. AP Human Geography students have the option to take an AP Exam at the end of the year to potentially earn college credit.


    Q:  In what ways can my student benefit by taking AP Human Geography?

    A:  In addition to earning high school geography credit and the ability to take the AP Human Geography exam, which can earn your student college credit, students taking this course also benefit by gaining advanced study skills which can help prepare them for future advanced level courses.


    Q:  Will my student have homework? What will it entail? How long should it take each night?

    Your student should expect to have an assigned reading from their textbook daily. They should also spend time at home taking notes over their assigned reading and, later, reviewing their reading and class notes.  Additionally, there will be occasional assignments sent home for completion. We recommend that students allocate at least 20 minutes per night for this class.


    Q:  How can I prevent my student from becoming overwhelmed in an AP course as a freshman?

    Many students become overwhelmed because they delay completing their reading assignments and then try to read the whole chapter at once.  By ensuring that your student spends a little time each night reading and taking notes, your student will be better prepared to complete assignments in class and to ask questions about the material at the time it is presented.

    It is recommended that a student attend tutoring any time they find a topic confusing or need help completing an assignment.  Study tips and helpful hints regarding learning styles can also be found on the class website.


    Q:  What are some ways I can help my student prepare for this class?
    It is suggested that the students spend time recognizing their key terms for each unit.
    Keeping up with the assigned readings and taking notes in a timely manner is very important.
    Additional suggestions can be found on the class Canvas website.