• Welcome to the Lowery Freshman Center's
        Library & Learning Commons
    While we are closed...
    -- Please don't worry about any overdue issues or late fines. We have turned those settings "off" for now. You won't be fined and there is no need to "renew" your book(s). 
    -- We are working on putting a protocol together once it's time to return books. When the time comes, we will let you know about it through an "all school" message.
    -- For now, stay safe and find some time to read!
    -- Don't forget to click on eBook resources on the left to access more books from our digital library (Overdrive).
    Below are some other great resources for free reading, learning new stuff, playing games and doing puzzles.

    Library Hours:
    Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. - 4:55 P.M.
    Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:25 P.M.
    Your Library Staff:
    Phone Number: 972-396-6975
    Head Librarian: Michelle Shaw (x1101) Email: michelle.shaw@allenisd.org
    Asst. Librarian: Melanie Cotton (X1101) Email: melanie.cotton@allenisd.org
    Our Library Media Center features:
          • thousands of books in print for instructional and personal use
          • thousands of electronic & audio books (visit our eBook Resources page in the menu to the left)
          • a large Professional Library
          • two computer labs/lecture halls
          • individual computers for drop-in use and printing
          • multimedia stations
          • areas for casual gathering, study, & reading
          • large and small group work and presentation areas
          • charging stations for your various devices
          • 3D Makerbot printer (ask for a print request form at the circulation desk)
          • Various STEAM kits for checkout-- everything from circuits and solar robots to build, to calligraphy, and musical instruments. (Search our online catalog for "STEAM kits")
    Please let us know how we may be of assistance to you throughout the year, and never stop learning and asking questions!