Withdrawing from Lowery Freshman Center


    Please make an appointment with the Registrar to withdraw a student. 
    Contact Linda Oustalet at 972-360-4877 or email linda.oustalet@allenisd.org.
    During the school year: 
    Parent/Guardian, please bring:
    • Valid ID of authorized Parent/Guardian
    • Textbooks,
    • Library materials,
    • Uniforms: Athletic/Band/Choir/Orchestra/ROTC
    • Lowery Student ID
    An authorized parent/guardian must be present for student withdrawals.
    When withdrawing during the school year, out-of-state schools may request student records by fax to 972-396-8175.  Record Requests should be initiated by the receiving school. Texas schools should initiate student records requests to Lowery Freshman Center through Texas Records Exchange also known as T-REx.
    During the Summer/Not Returning in the Fall: 
    Complete a Summer Withdraw Form and submit it to the Registrar at Lowery Freshman Center. 


    The Registrar will provide an unofficial transcript and shot record for enrollment at the new school.  Please bring your valid ID.