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    Regional Leadership Conference:

    Regional is hosted by Heritage High School in Frisco, TX. No ride will be provided.

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    Officers: 2013 - 2014

    President- Allison Hilbig – allison.hilbig@student.allenisd.org

    Vice President- Julie Hodges – julie.hodges@student.allenisd.org

    Secretary- Dennis Vu – dennis.vu@student.allenisd.org

    Treasurer- Amogh Krishnagiri – amogh.krishnagiri@student.allenisd.org

    Historian- Adam Lakhani- chiragh.lakhani@student.allenisd.org

    (Officers are available and willing to answer any questions you may have pertaining to BPA)


    Dates (all meetings will be held in K226 at 3:45 unless otherwise noted):
    (Meetings are noted in blue)

    Sept 12, 2013 - We will let those looking to run for offices speak. Voting will take place at a special election meeting.

    Sept 20, 2013 - Voting for Officers starts at 2:40 and will go till 4:15. Check out the Candidates Pictures and what Offices they are running for on the Bio's page.

    Oct 10 moved to Oct. 17- Due to Conflicts the normal monthly meeting has been move to the 17th. Please come ready to pay your $30 dues and let the offices and sponsors know what contests you intend to compete in.

    Belk ticket sales due Nov 8th

     Nov 14 - Dues are due.

    *If you have not turned in your dues before Thanksgiving Break, we cannot allow you to compete. Please come by K226 and pay your $30 dues if you have not already.

    If you have not told us what contest(s) you are competing in, please refer to the PDF linked at the bottom of the page*

    Dec 5: Decoration and Training session for Candy Cane Fundraiser, please attend.

    December 9-13th: Candy Cane Fundraise in cafeteria. Please sign up to help out.

    Next meeting: Dec 12 - Talk about Regional Leadership Conference and contests, and Spring Concession Stand info.

    Jan 16- RLC final details and Spaghetti Dinner information

    Jan 18- Regional Leadership Conference at Heritage High School in Frisco

    Feb 13

    March 5-8- State Leadership Conference in Houston

    March 13

    April 10 - Talk about National Leadership Conference and contests.



    Please check your email often or set it to forward to your personal email. This is vital to communication!

    Remind101 text reminders:

    Text “@a0bbb” to 469-518-6284 to receive text messages with information and reminders (Recommended)




    $30 due on November 22, please pay or you cannot compete.



    Workplace Skills Assessment Program:

    WSAP Doc: Entire List of contests and related rules.

    Contest PDFIf you do not yet know what you are competing in, refer to this and notify us ASAP. This information is due November 22nd or we can’t sign you up to compete.

    Last Modified on November 19, 2013

Last Modified on January 16, 2014