Welcome to Eagle Tutors!

    —formerly known as Eagle Depot—


    Eagle Tutors is a student-run organization specializing in group and individual tutoring here at AHS! Our tutors are recommended by teachers at Allen High School for their academic accomplishments, outgoing nature, and friendly attitudes. If you need academic help, please reach out to us!
    Applications for both tutees and tutors are under the Tutors and Tutees Application tab.
    We currently offer group tutoring in a variety of subjects including four core classes—math, science, social studies, and English.
    Tutors:   Google application form in the Tutors tab.
    Tutees In your application, specify the course in which you need tutoring. We are always open to suggestions.
    We will meet virtually- zoom link will be shared with you for your tutoring partnership. 
    Questions? Contact our co- presidents at anushree.patel@student.allenisd.org  or henry.wang@student.allenisd.org
    Sponsor: Kathy Vondracek, G229