**Acceptance letters for 2019-20 NHS inductees were emailed out Monday, November 4, 2019. Please read letter carefully and make sure to sign up for the Remind for upcoming correspondence. 

    If you did not receive an acceptance letter it is because you missed the application deadline or submitted an incomplete application. 


    Invitations for the 2019-20 school year went out on Friday, October 18th via email to all eligible students. There is a deadline for the application, read your letter carefully.

     Service Hours Requirements for all members:

    • 15 per semester- from 3 different events & at least 5 have to be internal (internal = Allenisd events, City of Allen, ACO)
    • Please check x2vol for many hour opportunities.
    Requirements for NHS membership at AHS: * Invitations for the 2019-20 school year goes out late in fall:
    • Eligible Students:
      • All grade levels, sophomore, junior and senior, will be included in the identification process
      • Eligible members will be notified in late fall
      • Invitations will be sent via email with a link to the membership information forms  
      • Deadline for the invitation process is firm, so make sure you complete the forms within the open Invitation period
      • Note: Honor code violations will be reviewed prior to invitations being sent  
    • Cumulative GPA required:
      •  GPA requirement for eligibility is 3.95, weighted and unrounded
    • New students transferring in to AHS:
      • NHS members from prior school will need a letter from former school sponsor in order to be able to join our program
      • To be included in the identification process, must be on campus for at least one semester


    NJHS is a separate organization and does not automatically transfer students into the NHS at Allen High School.  




     The following are the standards for membership in NHS at Allen High School:
    • Attend 70% meetings for the school year Uphold the NHS pillars of character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Also - there will be dues of $10 (paid through school pay) for each year of membership. 30 service hours, 15/semester are mandatory. Hours have to be from three different events and at least 5 of the 15/semester have to be internal hours.
    • GPA requirements must be maintained each semester to retain membership