Beau Wells holding his infant
    Instructor's Name: Beau Wells
    Grade/Subject: AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C
    Phone: 469-319-6029
    Email: Beau.Wells@allenisd.org
    To Leave a Voicemail: 972-236-0600, e
    xt. 6029
    Tutoring Schedules
    AP Physics 1: To Be Determined
    AP Physics C: To Be Determined
    All of my classes will be using Canvas, rather than this website, as the primary conduit for course information and resources.  
    To access Canvas, use Google Chrome and type in canvas.allenisd.org
    Hello and welcome to the fascinating world of physics - the study of the fundamental laws underlying the behavior of everything in the universe!  Physics is fun and has the potential to completely change the way you view the world around you.  However, physics is also challenging, and success in its study requires deep conceptual understanding, proficiency in mathematics (the language of physics), a touch of intuition, and above all else, hard work.  
    Information about the Instructor
    Prior to joining AHS, I worked for more than six years as an attorney, but I have always been an academic at heart and a physics aficionado.   Before spending three wonderful years in law school at the University of Michigan, I attended Cornell University, where I earned a bachelor's degree in engineering and finished a few courses shy of completing a second bachelor's in physics.  I love physics and greatly enjoy teaching.  To learn more about me, check out my intro video.
    I participate in the QuarkNet program through SMU. During the summer of 2015, I supervised a research group of high school students (including two of my own from AHS). One of the products of that research was the following article published in the American Journal of Physics.

    "An adjustable parallel-plate capacitor instrument -- Test of the theoretical capacitance formula", American Journal of Physics, Vol. 84, No. 9, September 2016