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    Ms. Dyann Heider – G136
    To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 6120


     I look forward to meeting you. I hope you are rested and ready to start learning.  We have our first lesson on the first day of class!  AHS is using CANVAS for all student assignments and communications. 



    Algebra II Pre-AP/IB covers the same topics as Algebra II, with an increased emphasis on complex problems, applications and higher level thinking skills. The content goes deeper into understanding each of the topics and being able to apply and justify in a multi-step format.

    This course allows students to continue their study of algebraic concepts that began in Algebra I and applied in Geometry in order to better understand the connections between them with the purpose of understanding the structure of Algebra and its connections to Geometry. The study of functions, equations and their relationships is central to all of mathematics and further pursued in this course. Students continually use problem-solving, language and communication, and reasoning to make these connections within and outside of mathematics.


    2018 – 2019 Algebra II Pre-AP/IB Team Tutoring Schedule





    Park – G130

    Dunstan – G134


    Dunstan – G134

    Heider – G136



    Cole – G132

    Heider – G136


    Pelzel – F212



    By Appointment

    By Appointment

    You may attend any of the above teacher tutorials.  If all of the above times conflict with your schedule, discuss this with your teacher of record.  Email dyann.heider@allenisd.org if you need tos et up an appt .