Counseling and Guidance Department

Ford Middle School students in classroom

About the Counseling Department

  • The Allen ISD counseling program serves all students through a systematic, sequential, clearly defined, and accountable program. School counselors meet the needs of students based on data, alignment with district goals, and a unified belief in the mission and vision of the Allen Independent School District. The program is delivered by master's degree school counselors in collaboration with faculty, staff, families, and the community. It is aligned with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs which integrates Academic, Social-Emotional, and Career Development so that students will be able to demonstrate competencies in interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness, post-secondary planning and career readiness, and personal health and safety. 

Contact the Counseling Department

  • 612 E. Bethany Drive • Allen, TX 75002
    972-727-0511 x400646

    Becky Wiginton
    Director of Counseling

    Penny Wiseman
    Coordinator of Counseling 7-12

    Paula English
    Administrative Assistant

Counseling Department Mission and Belief Statements

  • Allen ISD Counseling Program Mission Statement

  • Allen ISD Counseling Belief Statements

Counseling Teams

  • Elementary School Counselors

  • Middle School Counselors

  • Lowery Freshman Center Counselors

  • High School Counselors

  • Allen ISD Support Counselors

  • Leadership Team