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    Welcome to Mr. Hays' classroom website.
     Name: Greg Hays
     Grade/Subject: 11-12 / Pre-Calculus, IB Math Studies SL
     To Leave a Voicemail:  469-319-6133
    Welcome to Pre-Calculus, upon which the building blocks of Calculus are constructed.
    IB Math Studies SL
    Greetings to all those who wish to experience the IB way.  Whether you are a full IB candidate or just taking a single IB class, you are in for a treat.  Math Studies SL is a one year course, covering a variety of topics such as statistics, geometry, trigonometry, logic, and a dash of calculus.  It is all designed within the framework of the IB learner profile.
    All student assignments and resources are found by opening Google Chrome browser and going to