Karen Lappen
     English III -American Literature

     Phone: 972-727-0400
     To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 6196  
    NOTE:  All due dates and assignments will be found in Canvas.

     Tutoring:  1st Period by appointment only,
                       Monday through Friday.
                      8th Period Monday, Wednesday 
                      by appointment.
         (Note: English Dept. meets each first Wednesday 
            of the month=no tutoring 8th period that day.)
    Everyone should have their
    Self Selected Reading novels, SSR,
    with them each time they enter
    the class room.
    This will continue
    throughout the school year.
    What to have in class daily?
    • Binder/folder for English III (same binder for other subjects may be used for A/B days)
    • Novel of your choice, daily
    • Lined paper for class assignments
    • Black or blue ink pen  (no other ink colors, please)
    • pencil