Welcome to Coach Albury's website.
    Name: Kevin Albury
    SubjectGirls Soccer 
    Room: G119 Gym
    This is my 9th year at Allen . I taught Health  at the High School the first 2 years  and this is my 7th  year at Lowery. I  have taught Health classes at various High schools since 1982 (36 years) Helth is being phased out so this year I have started Yoga classes at Lowery and teach cardio-weight training
     Everything that you need to be successful  has been  moved over to Canvas 

    My Schedule:
    1st Period: Freshman Girls Soccer at Lowery every day
    2nd Period/connections : Girls Soccer at High School every day
    3rd Period: Yoga  in Gym Foyer at Lowery
    4th Period: conference
    6th Period: Yoga  in Gym Foyer at Lowery
    7th Period  conference
    8th Period: Cardio-weights class: weight room (inside or barn) and Gym
    Tutorials: I have soccer before school all year and after school from Dec -April 
    Profile  My  background
    http://www.compressioncare.com/  Wife's health problem