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    2019-2020 School Year
    Welcome to Pre AP/IB Precalculus
    with Laura Reams at Allen High School.
    Name: Laura A. Reams
    Subject: Pre AP/IB Precalculus
    To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 6232
    Pre AP/IB Precalculus Team Lead
    AHS Lead Mentor Teacher
    Red Cross Blood Drive Coordinator 
    Tutoring:  The Team's Tutoring Schedule is posted outside our doors.

    Pre-Calculus allows students to use symbolic reasoning and analytical methods to represent mathematical situations, to express generalizations, and to study mathematical concepts and the relationships among them.  Students use functions, equations and limits as useful tools for expressing generalizations and as means for analyzing and understanding mathematical relationships. 

    This is my 17th year in the classroom. My family has lived in Allen since 1993. Our youngest will complete her graduate work at University of North Texas in 2020. Our older daughter (graduate of TWU) is a NICU nurse in Plano. Our son (UT and Villanova) and his wife (Messiah College) live and work in Pennsylvania. I graduated from Austin College with a Masters in Education. My husband also went to Austin College and has an MBA from SMU.
    If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact me. Please see Skyward for grade information and Canvas for assignments and schedules.