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    Welcome to Mrs. Cypert's Classroom Website.
     Grade/Subject:  10, 11, 12/Algebra II,
     To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 6265
     Email:  merrie.cypert@allenisd.org     canvas.allenisd.org
     Algebra II Supplies:  1 inch 3-ring Binder, 5-tab dividers, 3 x 5 ruled index cards,  Pencils, Highlighters, Colored Pens, One 4-Pack of Triple A Batteries, and Graphing   Calculator (purchased or checked out of the library or Phone App).
        My goal is to create life-long learners.
    2018 - 2019 Schedule
                                                             1st Period           Conference         5th Period         Conference 
                                                             2nd Period          Algebra II           6th Period         Algebra II
                                                             3rd Period          Algebra II           7th Period         Algebra II
                                                             4th Period          Algebra II           8th Period         Algebra II
     Mrs. Cypert's Tutoring Schedule
                       7:45 - 8:20          Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
       Fifth Period          By Appointment
                       3:40 - 4:30         Monday, Tuesday, Thursday