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     AP  Calculus  BC  ( 6 classes )
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    AP Calculus AB and BC Exams:
                Tuesday May 14, 2019 
    This is my 20th year teaching math at Allen High School.   This will be my sixth year teaching AP Calculus and my fifth teaching the BC level.   Before teaching Calculus, I taught PAP Algebra II and PAP Geometry.   I am extremely excited to teach calculus.   I use the summer to perfect the notes, and homework packets and to make many new and exciting quizzes.   I have written out all the work that we will do in class and posted it on canvas, in case a student misses class.   I have also posted all of the homework answers and work.  I know students are busy people and want them to be able to check their work at home.   My goal is to have my students get incredible scores when they take the AP Calc Exam in May and be ready for college calculus.    I must also give credit to the PAP Pre-Calculus, PAP Algebra II and I, and the PAP Geometry teachers who prepared my students for this year.  They hand me well prepared students.
    AP Calculus BC is an intensive math class.   With the exception of the first day of school, we will have homework due and take either a quiz or test most days.   Most of the time students will not use a calculator at all.  The AP Calculus BC exam that students will take at the end of the year is non-calculator for much of the test.  I would like students to have their own graphing calculator so they do their homework problems that need a calculator with the same one they will use for the exam.
    The AB class covers the first 7 chapters of the text book between August and April.  This is equivalent to one semester of college calculus.  They cover limits, derivatives, integrals and applications of these topics.
    The BC class covers 10 chapters in the same amount of time.   The BC class is going to move fast.    It is a class meant for hard working students who easily understand math.    The BC class covers the same material as the AB class and then adds the topics of integration by parts, partial fraction integration, series (a massive topic) and polar and parametric functions and their derivatives, integrals and applications.
    The quizzes and tests in the first seven chapters will be the exact same difficulty level for both the AB and BC classes.  Quiz and test questions are written in "AP" style.  (So are the homework problems)  Quizzes and tests are multiple version assessments, even the retakes have multiple versions.  All versions are equal in difficulty, but no one will get an answer by looking at another student's paper.
    Students will receive the entire chapters classnotes packet at the start of the chapter.   When a student is absent, he or she should keep up to date by reading my filled-in notes, working the problems in their classwork packet and doing the next homework, in addition to the homework that had been due.   Students will be given a calendar that lists the homework that is due and the topics I will teach, along with the deadlines for retakes of assessments.    There is also a packet of optional practice quizzes on canvas.  The work and answers to these are posted to canvas.  They are quizzes that I used in past years.
    Homework counts as 10 percent of the nine weeks grade.   I will check to see that students have done their homework at the start of each period. Students will show work or they will not get credit.   Students will check their homework is correct prior to class, work and answers are available on canvas.   Late homework will not be accepted.  Students who just copy my work and answers will get credit but will most likely fail the quiz.
    Quizzes count as 50 percent of the nine weeks grade.    Students will get their graded quizzes back the next class period or can pick them up at the end of "B" day.   Failed Quizzes can be retaken within a short time frame.   The re-quiz will not be identical to the original quiz.   It will be over the same material, with new questions.   The deadline for quiz retakes is on the calendar each student receives at the start of each chapter.   The maximum grade on a quiz retake is 70% if the original quiz was 50% or less.  Students who get a quiz grade between 50% and 80% can retake to a maximum of 80%.   To be eligible to do a retake, students must correct the questions they missed, showing good work that leads to the correct answer.  I recommend that students tutor over the material before attempting a retake, if necessary.
    Tests count as 40 percent of the nine weeks grade.  The period following the test, I will hand back and go over the test, then collect them back.   A student can retake a failed test before the deadline.  The retest will be over the same material but different questions.   A student who plans to retest must come to tutoring over the original test (which is not given back to students) before retesting.   Student must correct the problems they missed on the test in the classroom before they attempt a retake.   The maximum score on a test retake is 70%.
      For the 2018 to 2019 year, the times below will change due to changes at school
    My tutoring/retake time is every day,  from 740  to  810 am. (Before first period)
    I will also tutor during 8th period until 4 pm every day.    
    All AP Calculus BC students may also retake assessments during their priveledge period.  I have about 12 extra desks in my classroom just for this purpose.  They may come in when I am teaching and I will take a moment, check that they did their corrections and get them their retake.    
    There are currently 280 AP Calc BC students scheduled to start the 2018/2019 year. 
    Some of those kids are classified as IB HL 1 students, but they are really BC students. 
    There is another AP Calc BC teacher this year:  Mrs. Jennifer Ellis.
    She is an excellent teacher (a teacher of the year for Allen ISD).
    Mrs. Ellis is teaching 3 AP Calc BC classes and 3 AP Calc AB classes.
    Mrs. Ellis taught AP Calculus AB last year and has already learned all of the BC material.
    She has done all of the notes, homework and quizzes that the BC students will do this year by hand.
    I was lucky to get her for AP Calculus, she is a super hard worker and loves kids.
    She taught PAP Algebra II for the last 10 years or so, and many other math classes prior to that.
    She is what you want in a teacher, a person who is willing to learn.
    I have placed my AP Calculus BC statistics below, please keep in mind that the number of students who take AP Calc BC is growing by leaps and bounds, so forgive me if the percentage of fives came down.   It is the philosophy of the AP that all students be given the opportunity to take AP classes.   The Allen High School AP Calc AB statistics are also very good.
    AP Calc BC statistics

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