AHS Parking Permits

  • Student parking is available at Allen High School. The AHS parking permit covers parking at both the main campus and the STEAM Center. Parking permits must be posted on the outside of the back lower left window. 

    Students are required to park in designated student lots only.

    Students are prohibited from parking in faculty lots, Performing Arts Center lot, visitor spaces and fire lanes. 


    Parking Permit Process
    1. Review the lot options and map to decide which sticker you would like to purchase
    2. Collect your car information (including license plate number), copy of your driver's license and copy of your current insurance card.
    3. Fill out the AHS Parking Permit Application
    4. When you finish filling out the application, you will have access to SchoolPay to pay your permit fee. You can only reach the link through the application.
    5. Pick up your Parking Permit from your house office. Bring your ID and a copy of your receipt.