• Discipline Program
    The Discipline Program serves grades 1-12. Students are placed in the program for Code of Conduct violations for a period of time in accordance with the AISD placement policy. The program is divided  by grades with one classroom for elementary grades (1st-6th) and one for middle school grades (7th-8th).  High school students are divided into one of four groups with teachers rotating between the groups daily to provide instructional support. Students are placed for both mandatory and discretionary reasons based on the District's Code of Conduct and State law.
    Students placed in the Discipline Program receive instructional support from fully-certified teachers following the Allen ISD curriculum.  Dillard teachers work closely with home campus teachers to create assignments and assessments for elementary and middle school grades.  For high school grades, assignments are sent from Lowery and Allen High School and the Dillard teachers provide the necessary instructional support so students can complete the assignments.  Extra tutoring is available, if needed.
Last Modified on June 13, 2019