Top 10 Facts About Mrs. Nortman 

    1. I love water sports!
    2. Exercise is important to me.
    3. I've been teaching for 30 years.
     4. A good book & coffee relax me.
    5. Reading is my favorite subject to teach. 
    6. Family comes first. 
    7. I have 3 children. Brooke is married to Nick & lives in Iowa with 2 of my grand babies. Jessi is married to Dan and lives in Memphis. Jack is a freshman at University of Texas at Dallas.
    8. I have a dog named Charlie & a cat named Hawkeye.
    9. I have been married to Pat for 25 years.
    10. I believe kindness and compassion will take you far in life!
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Nortman  
     To Leave a Voicemail Anytime:  972-236-0600, ext.6680