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    Welcome to Mr. Holley's First Grade Website
    Name:  John Holley
    Grade/Subject: First Grade
    To Leave a Voicemail Anytime:  972-236-0600, ext.6681
    Dear Cheatham Charger First Graders,
    I would like to welcome you and your family back to school.  We are very excited about starting a new school year! It is sure to be an exciting time at Cheatham Elementary!
    I would like to take time to encourage you to remain involved in your child's education, both inside and outside of school.  Your involvement  will help your child be more successful now and in the future.  Our children need all of our support to help them to reach their full potential as great thinkers, innovators and leaders.  The commitment we make now will help to benefit our great state and country as they become citizens, competing and collaborating in an ever-changing global world.
    I will play a very important role in teaching knowledge and skills, but children's  attitudes toward school and their habits of practicing, reading and learning are mostly developed at home.  Studies have clearly shown that parental involvement with positive attitudes and behaviors has helped to improve our educational learning environment. Family participation has found to be twice as predictive of academic learning as family socioeconomic status.
    Please take advantage of the many ways to be involved with your child's learning.  This includes establishing routines, good homework habits, but also making time to get to know me and other Cheatham Elementary staff members.  I would encourage you and your family to join our local Cheatham Elementary PTA this year.  This is a great way to get involved and stay current with school information involving our students.
    I pledge to work extremely hard on behalf of all the students not only in my class but throughout our school.  I truly believe that it does take a village!  Please join me in this pledge so that your child and all the Cheatham Chargers can be successful this 2019-2020 school year.
    Mr. Holley