Welcome to the Gym


    This year in physical education we will be experiencing a variety of skills and activities, all designed to promote fitness for a lifetime.  Your child will come to P.E. three times per week for 45 minutes  Click this link to find out what days!  


    Physical Education time is so important to a growing child, please be sure your child can participate by having the proper clothing.  We have wood floors in the gym, and we need to do our best to keep them in great shape.  Athletic shoes are a must.  This does not include platform shoes, flip-flops, dark-soled shoes, skateboard shoes, boots, or sandals.  Shoes must a) have rubber soles, b) cover the toes, and c) have a back strap or closed back.  

    Dress for Success

    Please make sure they are wearing clothes they are able to move in.  We are up and down off the ground.  Dresses are not preferred but we do encourage shorts under them if worn.  We often tuck our shirts in.  


    If a child is sick or injured, they will need to bring me a note from home or from a physician stating the nature of the illness or injury, and the expected date they may return to P.E.  Sick or Injured

    • Your child must have a doctor’s note or parent note to sit out of PE class.
    • A parent note is good for only one week.  After that week, we will need a doctor’s note for state documentation.
    • Per district policy, if a student sits out of PE a student will sit out of recess for safety and liability concerns.

    Health Concerns

    It is very important that I am aware of any health problems that your child may have.  Your child will be able to fully participate in P.E. but I need to know if there is a health issue of which I should be aware of.  I will work very closely with our school nurse to be sure we are meeting the health needs of your child.  If necessary, please email me describing any health problems I should know about.

    I look forward to this year in P.E.  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns about the P.E. program.

    Libby King

    Physical Education Coach

    (972) 396-3016 ext. 117332

    Elizabeth.King@ allenisd.org