• E.E. Club

    WhoAll CMS Students who qualify

    Students who have an interest in being involved with environmental projects and programs.  These students must maintain a passing grade average in all classes and maintain an outstanding conduct evaluation.

    Where and When
    throughout the year after school.

    We have planned monthly meetings once a month from 3:35 to 4:15ish.  If we stay around campus we will meet in C108, there will be times that we will meet off campus...

    - to build environmental and ecological literacy.

    One of our main purposes will be to extend learning outside of the classroom and the scheduled school day through environmental education topics and projects within our neighborhood and community.  Environmental Education as stated by the Finland Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Last Child in the Woods) "The core of learning is not in the information...being predigested from the outside, but in the interaction between a child and the environment."

    - To provide opportunities for children to be outside observing, exploring and experiencing the natural world. 
    Along with children we want parents, families, and our school communities to take anactive interest in our children’s natural explorations as we all build ourknowledge of environmental and ecological literacy.

    Important Dates to remember...