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    Welcome to Mr. Mobley's classroom website.
     Name: Randall Mobley
     Grade/Subject: 8th Science
     Voicemail: 972-236-0600 ext.9078                                                     
      Email: randall.mobley@allenisd.org
     Howdy and welcome to my classroom website! I am excited to have the opportunity to teach each and every one of you this year. Together we will journey through the interesting and ever changing world of science. 
     8th grade science explores all aspects of the field. Here is a brief description of areas we will cover throughout the school year.
    8th Grade:
    Physics: Motion, Matter and Energy
    Astronomy: Earth & our Solar System
    Geology: Plate Tectonics
    Biology: Genetics and Heredity
    Chemistry: Atoms, Periodic Table, Chemical Formulas
    Ecology: What are we doing to this Earth
    Our classroom will be both fun and challenging. I like a fun, hands on, collaborative learning environment. I enjoy an open atmosphere where students are not afraid to ask questions. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! :) We only learn what we do not know by asking! We will also be performing labs and science projects individually or through group work.  I like to have fun and am looking forward to a safe and studious school year!
    Yes, unfortunately you will have some homework this year. Most classes will be given ample time to complete their work in class. PreAP classes are academically more demanding and go further in depth of subject matter, which in turn may demand more time spent at home with work (sorry guys!). Here is the district as well as my policy on late work:

    Makeup Work Because of Absence

    Makeup work is assigned the same grading guidelines as regular assigned work. There is not a penalty for makeup work that is turned in within the district timelines – for every school day absent, the student has one school day for completion. A zero may only be recorded when the student has failed to makeup or re-do the assignment according to the grading guidelines. According to EIA(LEGAL); The district grading policy must require a classroom teacher to assign a grade that reflects the student’s relative mastery of any assignment.

    Late Work Not Due to Absence (Grades 2-12 Foundation Subjects)

    The goal of the campus policy is to make sure that students complete their work. Late work is an assignment that is not turned in the date it is due as long as the student is not absent that day.

    Grades 2-12 Foundation Subjects

    • Elementary Guidelines – 10 points will be taken off per school day for late work up to five school days.

    Secondary Guidelines – Students will have 3 days to turn in their work for a maximum grade of 70. Therefore, whether an assignment is one, two or three days late no more than a total of 30 points penalty can be taken off for that assignment.

    Grades 6-12 Advanced Courses

    Secondary Guidelines

    Middle School, PreAP/IB – Students will have 2 days to turn in their work for a maximum grade of 60.TUTORING

     I will do anything to ensure each student has every opportunity to succeed. If a student feels he or she needs extra help with something, my door will ALWAYS be open to them. I will arrive early or stay after school any day for any student who asks and signs a tutoring appointment with me. Mandatory tutoring may be assigned if a student is failing.
    Absolutely! Every scientist needs a journal of record. I know hand cramps are no fun, but we will get through it. I will demonstrate how we will be using these in class so don't worry if you have never had one! I will also allow you to take your journal home, however; it MUST be with you in class EVERYDAY!! You can also leave your journal here in the classroom if you would like.
    I look forward to learning with each of you this year!
    We will be using canvas almost everyday in class. Pre-AP classes will be more of a self paced atmosphere with all assignments posted in canvas. On level courses will also have all assignments posted on canvas, however; these classes will run more day to day with a more guided schedule.
    click http://canvas.allenisd.org to get to canvas!