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    Mrs. Stolarski
    Room: K122
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    Tutoring - Tuesday Morning and Thursday after school
    Face to Face Learners (F2F)
    You will need a pass for Tuesday morning. Please let me know if you plan to attend a Tuesday morning.  I will write you a pass for that  morning.
    Virtual Learners - You can always zoom with  me on your asynchronous (practice) days.
    There will be a different zoom link every Tuesday and Thursday. Tell me you want to attend, and I will send  you the link.


    Math 8 (Pre-Algebra)

    Math 8 (Pre-Algebra) is a program designed to prepare the student to study algebra in the ninth grade.  This course will cover pre-algebra concepts such as geometry, numeration, properties, equations and inequalities, statistic, probability, problem-solving, use of graphing calculators and computation applications.  Students in this course will use algebra in working with the concepts.

    Algebra 1

    The focus of Algebra I is to develop in the students the ability to work with linear functions and quadratic  functions. The student will use these functions to develop relationships among the different types of functions and  to understand the attributes of the function. The student will analyze functions graphically, verbally, numerically, and symbolically. Included in the Algebra course is a study of the attributes and properties of polynomials, exponents, irrational numbers, inequalities and square roots and their connection to functions

    Students earn high school credit: the course content and work load are the equivalent of a high school course. Students enrolled in this course should expect extensive outside-of-class preparation. (Student receives 1 high school credit but grade is not included in high school GPA.) . Students will be expected to take four years of math in grades 9-12.