Welcome to Mrs. Jackson's Counseling Website
    House 100 Counselor (A-Dom)

    Name: Cora Jackson
    Phone: (972) 396-6975 ext 302135
    Email: Cora.Jackson@allenisd.org

    I am Cora Jackson and am currently at Lowery Freshman Center where I have been a counselor since the campus opened in 1999.  At that time I was the only counselor but am proud to say that we now have a staff of five fulltime counselors.  For seventeen years I worked on the postsecondary level in student personnel services.   Three years of my academic experience involved teaching and working as a counselor on the elementary level.  My experiences have provided me with an unusually broad academic scope.   So far my position at Lowery has been my very favorite!

    The educational process on any level is a journey with student support
    being one of the most integral parts.  The 9th grade year is a pivotal point for students both academically and emotionally.  Appropriate support can help to ensure that the experience is a positive one.

    For ninth graders this should be their most exciting year.  This is the only year that the students as a grade level will have a whole campus to themselves.  I am here to assist and hopefully guide our students toward what will turn out to be an unforgettable high school experience.  It is my hope that all of our students will be equipped with the skills and confidence needed to start strong and finish strong! 




    Support Services                
    Scheduling                            Classroom guidance
    Individual counseling                Student support groups
    Special needs referral                Crisis intervention

    Data analysis                            Academic improvement plans

    Classroom observation              Needs Assessment

    Social, emotional, and academic at risk identification

    Facilitate Student Intervention Team (SIT) meetings

    New Student Registration/Orientation