• National Art Honor Society
    National Art Honor Society
    Stephanie Richards A250
    Sarah Arago  
    Tara Srinivasan, Deshna Karra, Raaida Hasnain, Deeandra Mendoza
    Meeting times:
    2nd or Last Tuesday of the Month
    4:15 PM in B200
    NEXT MEETING IS SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 at 4:15 on ZOOM
    Meeting ID: 881 4483 4745
    Passcode: artrules
    The National Art Honor Society is an honorary group. Students must be invited to join NAHS. Qualifying students are invited based on a teacher recommendation through scholarship, attitude and attendance. The induction ceremony only happens once a year in December. Late applicants or transfer students have the opportunity to join the following year, should they meet the requirements.

    See any art teacher for more information on the NAHS!
     Allen High School's chapter of NAHS Guidelines:
    • All members must sign a copy of the NAHS Bylaws.                                              
    • $10 Dues are to be collected from all members each year, due no later than December 5th.
    • 5 Service Hours are due by November 28th from OLD and NEW Members - to be put in x2VOL.
    • ALL MEMBERS will submit at least 1 piece of artwork for the "Induction Art Show" by October 31st
    • INDUCTION CEREMONY will take place on December 7th in the PAC Art Gallery
    • CANVAS.allenisd.org is our new information hub. Please make sure you have access to the NAHS account
    • 5 additional Service Hours are due in the spring.
    • ALL NAHS MEMBERS will volunteer at the Watters Creek Art Festival in May.



    Community Service and FUN!
    2018-2019 Induction
    2018 Ceremony