Payroll Department

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About the Payroll Department

  • The Payroll Department is responsible for the efficient, ethical processing of employees' time at work to assure the prompt and appropriate delivery of district salaries.

Contact the Payroll Department

  • 612 E. Bethany Dr. • Allen, TX 75002
    Phone: 972-727-0530
    Fax: 972-727-7113

    Candy Arrington
    Director of Payroll Administration

    Alejandre Duarte
    Middle Schools, Lowery, AHS

    Michelle Lofton
    Senior Payroll Specialist
    Leave, Garnishments, VOE's

    Cora Moon
    Payroll Specialist
    Elementary Schools, Athletics

    Catalina Estrada
    Payroll Specialist
    Manual Trades, Technology, Administration Building

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