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  • AIM stands for Activating Inquisitive Minds. AIM is an academic enrichment program specifically tailored for gifted and talented children. The district has adopted the gifted education curriculum by the College of William and Mary. This curriculum will promote advanced academics in the four core subject areas. This year we will continue to focus on critical thinking skills, creativity, problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, and logic skills.

         Our thinking processes will include critical thinking, creative thinking, inductive/deductive reasoning, social skills, spatial relationships, research, and communication skills.  We will be “Activating Inquisitive Minds” during the school year by engaging our students with curriculum opportunities designed to maximize their growth and potential for life-long successes as a gifted learner.

         The AIM program provides a homogeneous grouping of identified elementary (K-6) gifted and talented students that is designed to maximize their potential through in-depth and complex exploration of interdisciplinary studies that both extend and enrich the regular classroom. AIM is a pull-out program where students are clustered in a classroom with a gifted and talented specialist teacher. Our AIM curriculum serves to integrate Language Arts/ Social Studies and Science/ Math through a rigorous, relevant, and enriched extension of the regular classroom. 


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