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    Welcome to the Learn 'N Playday Preschool home page!!!   

    Learn 'N Playday is the tuition-based program for AISD.  If you are looking for the PRE-K or Pre-Kindergarten Program, please go to our Learner Services department from the Allen ISD website.

    If you need immediate information on the LNPD program, if you want to get into a class or on our waiting list, please follow the instructions below by sending an e-mail to our Learn 'N Playday e-mail address with all your registration information or questions.  Your e-mails will be responded to in a timely manner.

    Our waiting list for the 2022-2023 school year began on October 1st of 2021.  Registration from our waiting list began the first week of February 2022, and is still ongoing until Spring Break in March of 2023.  Family circumstances change often and it makes for openings for others on the waiting list.   Please either send an e-mail or call LNPD at 972-396-6932 if you are interested in a spot. 

    ***Registration and Tuition information for 2022-23 and 2023-2024 is located under a tab to the left of this page .

    If you want to get on the waiting list for the next school year 2023-2024, please fill out the form below and send back your information to Denise Chapman:

    • LNPD Registration/Waitlist form (link)
    • Your child's name
    • Birth date 
    • parent/s name 
    • parent/s e-mail and best phone number 
    • The school district you reside in
    • Rank your class preference....T/Th or MWF for 3's and T/Th and MWF for 4's or M-F for 4's only (or first available)

    We started the 2023-2024 waiting list on October 1st of 2022.  The same information as above will be needed and should be sent via email on or after that date.  Students already enrolled in the program have the option to enroll before spots are opened to the waiting list beginning January 30th.

    Learn 'N Playday is currently located at George Anderson Elementary School.
    305 N. Alder Drive • Allen Texas 75002
    972-396-6932 • Email:

    REMEMBER.....No child can begin school without an updated immunization record on file at LNPD. Please e-mail the shot records to Learn 'N Playday before your child attends our program.  Also, ALL Learn ‘N Playday students MUST BE FULLY potty trained and be able to use the restroom independently.  Wearing pull-ups is not considered potty trained and will result in your child being removed from our program.

    All Immunizations should be received BEFORE your child begins school at LNPD and they must be up-to-date, unless you have an exemption from the state.  

    With Learn 'N Playday being a part of the Allen ISD school district, we will be taking on many of the same safety features.  We will be doing our best to keep our students, teachers and families as safe as possible.  We participate in all the school drills (fire, lockdown, shelter in place, etc)  We also try to avoid spreading illnesses by requiring everyone to wash their hands frequently, we clean classroom toys and classroom items daily, and wipe down tables 3 times a day.  We provide hand sanitizer in each classroom and use it upon entry and exit of a classroom.  We have outdoor carpool drop off and pick up and we limit time in lines and social distance as best as possible.  There will be no more than 18 students in our 3's classes and 22 students in our 4's classes.  Masks will not be required for our students, but can be worn.  Each student will keep everything in their own cubbies or backpacks and they will be using water bottles brought from home instead of using water fountains. 

    Please visit the Allen ISD website for more information about our school district and our health and safety measures. Allen ISD Website 

    Thank you!!   

    Denise Chapman 

    Director of Learn 'N Playday Preschool 



Last Modified on January 18, 2023