• Girl's Athletics General Information

    Workout Clothes
    Athletes will be issued clothes to use during the year and must be returned at the end of the year. 
    Mustang Round Up
    7th and 8th grade girls participating in athletics will turn in their physicals during Mustang Round Up. Mustang Round Up for 7th & 8th grade will be August 7th, 2019. Time is TBD.
    First day of school
    7th and 8th grade girls who have 1st period (7th grade athletics) or 7th period (8th grade athletics) need to meet in the main gym by 8:15 a.m. and sit in the player section of the bleachers on the 1st day of school. If you have not already turned your physicals in, please have them ready to turn in. Volleyball tryouts will begin after school.
                                                2019 - 2020 Coaches Directory

     Coach’s Name   


    Phone Ext.

          Fesco, Britney      

      Girls’ Coordinator

    Basketball (8)/Track

    x 5502

    Bender, Josh

    Basketball (7)/Track

    x 5102

    Hartsfield, Jade 

    Volleyball (7)/Track 

     x 5207

    Waters, Chasta


    x 4132

            Whitcomb, Heather

    Volleyball (8)/Track/CC

    x 5502