• Spring STAAR Testing Schedule

    April 6th- English I

    April 8th- English II (At Home Learners)*

    April 15th- English II (In Person Learners)*

    May 4th- U.S. History (In Person Learners)*

    May 5th- U.S. History (At Home Learners)*

    May 5th- Algebra I

    May 6th- Biology

    *On the English II and U.S. History STAAR days students not participating in testing will stay at home and complete asynchronous learning.



    TSIA- APRIL 21

    AHS students the TSIA is a college placement exam that determines a student’s college readiness for Math and English courses. Any student planning on attending a Texas public institution can benefit from taking the TSIA. This exam is a computer adaptive untimed assessment that measures a student’s proficiency in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. The cost to participate in the TSIA at AHS is $20. 

    Steps for taking the TSIA.

    1. Register for the TSIA HERE.
    2. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) at https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/AllenISD.
    3. Submit the PAA certificate to Mr. Lemons via email at troy.lemons@allenisd.org.  Students must submit certificate prior to testing or they will not be allowed to test. Mr. Lemons will assign you a test date.
    4. Study for the TISA at http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/accuplacer/accuplacer-texas-success-initiative-assessment-sample-questions.pdf.
    5. Arrive at 8:30 AM on testing day at the Library Cyber Cave.  Students must present identification to test.


    Assessment and Testing

    Did you know??  Allen High School is a certified TSI testing site, and offers the test at a lower cost than most other testing centers!!  For more information contact the assessment office and Mr. Lemons!



    300 Rivercrest Blvd.

    Allen, TX 75002




    Troy Lemons, Campus Testing Coordinator


    Philosophy of Assessment

    Allen ISD believes that assessment provides the information necessary to improve student performance. Assessing student performance is an integral part of the instructional process as it allows professional staff to make informed decisions, set priorities, allocate resources, and be accountable to students, parents and community. It is also a method by which state and federal education authorities determine the district’s progress and effectiveness.

    A variety of assessment techniques are utilized in Allen ISD in order to capture both the breadth and depth of student learning over time. Allen ISD Assessment is committed to providing training, processes, and information that will enable campuses to smoothly implement required assessments and teachers to effectively utilize assessment data in order to improve student learning.