• New Staff Getting Started

    Welcome to Allen ISD. Complete the steps on this page to set up your access to district digital resources. Links on the left side of this page provide further information for each step. Some links are part of the AISD Intranet and require you to log in with your network credentials. You are encouraged to utilize the other Intranet links available on our website as well as Department pages for AISD.

    When your network account was first created, you should have received an email from Allen ISD at your personal email address (the address you entered when applying with the district). If you experience any problems with access or have further questions, please call the Technology Help Desk at 469-675-2000.
    How do I report a technical problem or need?
    All technical problems should be entered as a "ticket" using the Change Gear Technology Help Desk. The shortcut  is located on the Intranet - Staff Links or by simply typing: help/ - into a URL when opening a browser while inside the district.
    What application will I use to set up a teacher website?
    The district, school, and teacher websites use Blackboard, a content management system (CMS), to build websites. As a user, you must first sign-in to Blackboard at the main Allen ISD website page. Signing in creates a profile necessary for us to create a page and for you to access internal documents on the Intranet. After your initial sign-in, ask your Campus webmasters (Campus Technicians, Librarians and others) to create your website so that you may begin communicating via your webpage.