• Contact Information:
    Vicki Neumann
    Conference Period:
     5th period



    • Assignments will be accepted up to two days late, but the grade earned will not be higher than 60%.
    • On the second day without the assignment, students will be assigned Homework Club, and a parent notification/permission note will be sent home. **If the signed note is returned the following day, along with the completed assignment, the student will not have to stay for Homework Club.
    • For late work due to absence, please refer to the Student Handbook.

    Retaking Assignments and Makeup Tests:

    • Any student who did not pass an assignment, quiz, or test may ask for tutoring and the opportunity to make a second attempt in order to earn up to a 70%. * This does not include failure due to being late with an assignment.
    • It is up to the student to schedule a tutoring session (within 2 days of the failing grade being posted to Skyward) before he or she will be allowed to make up the assignment or test.
    • If the student does not meet with his or her teacher for tutoring, and /or another attempt within an agreed upon time frame, the original grade will remain. (This is for quizzes, tests, and assignments.)
    • Students who were absent for a test will have up to two weeks to make it up.


    • SpringBoard (kept in class)
    • One 3 subject spiral
    • pocketed folder (for backpack)
    • Book for silent reading time
    • Highlighters (4 separate colors)
    • Pen and pencil