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                                 Welcome to
                           Mrs. Nickles'
                      Classroom Website
                            Name: Tiffany Nickles
                          Class: Law Enforcement
                     Email:  tiffany_nickles@allenisd.org
                   Voicemail:  972-236-0600 ext. 6358  
        Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.  Great things are happening in the Criminal Justice program at Allen HS.  We have added a second course to our class offerings and have established an Explorers Post.  I look forward to another year of growth for our program and am privileged to teach each one of you.  I bring with me 12 years of experience as an adult probation officer.  I have had the opportunity to work with many agencies, including local and federal law enforcement, defense and prosecuting attorneys, felony court judges and of course offenders. I am excited to share with you my experiences and knowledge, as well as my love of the field.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband of 17 years and 3 beautiful children, Frank (22), Joseph (15) and Grace (7). We relocated to Allen in July 2014, and definitely have loved every moment of the transition.  We are proud to call ourselves Allen Eagles!