• EN  A-Crew
      The Screamin' Eagles
      The Eagle Bell Guard
    BB Flags    A-Crew is the combined groups, the  
       Screamin’ Eagles (SE) and the Eagle Bell Guard
       (BG), with the sole purpose to create and promote
       school spirit,   encourage quality performance and 
       high academic standards.  This is, not limited to 
       development of spirit, leadership, cooperation, 
       self-discipline, and sportsmanship in each individual
       member, through the student body and their community through support in
       the promotion of athletic events and activities which will inspire the athletes to
       perform to the best of their ability.

    The Screamin' Eagles is a group of young men who:

    § run the spirit flag(s) at events which may include, but not limited to football,
       volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball and or softball,
    § present “Big Boy”, the inflatable eagle and

    § serve as an ambassador for AHS.

     The Eagle Bell Guard is a group of young ladies who:
     § ring the “A” spirit bell at athletic events which may include football,
        volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball and or softball,

     §  present and escorting “Big Boy”, the inflatable eagle,

     §  fortify the team run-through and

     §  serve as an ambassador for AHS.

    A-Crew members are from grades 9 through 12 and we meet every school day Tuesday at 4PM at AHS in room K218.  Members are accepted throughout the year, which concludes in May. 
    Use your Allen ISD school email to access the application.  Copy and place the link in your browser.
    Access the application below, but you must use your school provided student email 
     Coach/Advisors Room  Email 
     Stevie Mayberry (Lead) K218  Stevie.Mayberry@allenisd.org
     Katie Loftus A114  Katie.Loftus@allenisd.org
     Stephanie Lehew    Stephanie.Lehew@allenisd.org

                                                      Big Flag2 A Flag
     Captain Nick Cernicky
     Number One    Griffin Meagher
     Number Two Blake Bailey