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    Spanish National Honor Society

    ¡Bienvenidos! to the Allen High School chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society, Capítulo Seguismundo! We are a group of dedicated students and faculty interested in the Spanish language, Spanish culture, and community service. As S.N.H.S. members, we go to cultural activities, language competitions, and community events, as well as social club get-togethers where we sample Hispanic cuisine, speak Spanish, share about culture, and enjoy each other’s company. The primary focus of our society, however, is on language-improvement and service, directed both toward the Hispanic community and the Allen community as a whole.

    To become a member one must be in Spanish III Pre-AP/IB or above, be of good character, and meet various grade criteria. For more on the membership requirements, see below. 

    The Spanish National Honor Society, or Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. To find out more about this nationwide organization, go to the AATSP.

    Sponsor: Señor Kauffman
    Room: F112
    Email: jordan_kauffman@allenisd.org 
    Phone extension: 5112 
    President: Tori Ignagni
    Vice President: Alli Dodd
    Secretary: Mohammad Saleh
    Treasurer: Ish Patel
    Historian: Anmei Zeng 
    Club forms:
    Meetings: Meetings are held the 1st Monday afternoon F112 during 8th period or at 3:35.  Attendance is mandatory. If you miss more than 3 meetings a semester, you may lose your active membership as per the decision of the officers and Sr. Kauffman.

    Prerequisites to join

    In order to become a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, you must...

    ... be currently enrolled in Spanish III Pre-AP/IB or above

    ... be of honorable character

    ... have no Spanish semester grade below 85%

    ... have a 90% overall average of all Spanish class semester grades  (85% for AP/IB classes)  

    ... complete the application process (see below)

    ... be invited to join after the first grading quarter is finished

    ... be an active participant in the Induction Ceremony (no exceptions except for UIL activities)


    Benefits to SNHS:

    · SNHS is an excellent organization to list on your college application, especially if you held an office.

    · Capítulo Seguismundo usually offers cash scholarships to a few of its seniors majoring in Spanish for use at any college.

    · Senior active members at the time of graduation get to wear the red / yellow cords at graduation. Cords cost $11 and are yours to keep.

    · Allows you to keep up & improve your Spanish-speaking ability.

    · You learn about cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. 


    Membership Requirements:

    Members of SNHS must...

    ... complete 15 service hours (10 Spanish-related) per year (tutoring, community service, etc.).  
    ... be active participants at meetings and events.  
    ... miss no more than 3 meetings a year
    ... continue to grow in their ability to speak and to write in Spanish.
    ... be a positive influence on campus.
    ... not receive any discipline referrals or breaches of Academic Honesty Code. 

    Service Opportunities:

    As a service-oriented society, each of our members has many opportunities to gain service hours and benefit the community throughout the year. Some events are spontaneous, others we continue to attend year after year.  We also hope to enjoy many other annual events. Often, service opportunities just come up throughout the year (thanks to our officers who are in charge of locating possible activities), and we go to events such as walkathons, cultural celebrations, etc. Each member is required to perform 15 hours of service per year (see Sr. Kauffman for specifics). 


    SNHS Officer Responsibilities:

    Capítulo Seguismundo has five officers - president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, reporter/historian: 

     Reporter/ Historian – records all events in which SNHS participates and keeps a digital record, taking pictures and videos, and scrapbook of such events.  They are responsible for putting it all together in the monthly chapter newsletter, the El águila (The Eagle).

     Treasurer – collects dues, activity fees, etc. to give to sponsor.

     Secretary – keeps track of attendance and service hours, and takes minutes of the meetings.

     Vice president – assists the president in all of his/her responsibilities.

     President – has the responsibility to coordinate all of the club's activities, organize meetings, plan events, and supervise club functions.

    All officers help out to seek service opportunities. Events are planned jointly at the officer meetings, which occur on every 2nd and 4th Monday afternoon in F112 @ 3:35. Note: to be an officer of SNHS, you must be enrolled in a Spanish class the year of your officership.    

     Applying to become an officer:

    The process for becoming an officer is stringent. Applicants are carefully screened, and the top three candidates for each position are chosen by Sr. Kauffman and the current officers. If you wish to become an officer, you must fill out an application, due to Sr. Kauffman before October 1st. Students will present their ideas to the members of SNHS and then students will vote. Print out an Officer Application Form (see above). Turn it in to Sr. Kauffman in room F112 by the designated date to be eligible to run.