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    Last updated: 8/16/2019

    This page will be updated infrequently. Our class uses Canvas as the primary communication and information hub; please log in to Canvas for additional details.


    Mondays:  4:05p-4:55p
    Tuesdays:  By appointment only
    Wednesdays:  Unavailable
    Thursdays:  Unavailable
    Fridays:  7:50a-8:35a

    If you were issued a Tutoring Call slip, please arrive at the assigned date and time. Be prepared with your materials (including print-outs; if you have misplaced these, it is your responsibility to print new ones) and questions. If you need to change your appointment, it is your responsibility to contact me beforehand.

    Failure to attend or reschedule in a timely manner will result in disciplinary action.

    Entering the classroom

    • Required materials for each class period are listed on the classroom whiteboard. This list may change from day to day, so please look at it every time you come in.
    • You may preview the plans for each class rotation linked from the modules list so that you may arrive prepared. You may also preview plans for each rotation on the Class Twitter page.
    • Writing utensils are required every day. Blue or black ink pens are required for analytical writing (SAQs).
    • If there is a Fire-Up/opening activity displayed in the classroom, begin this work as soon as the bell rings.
    • Students who are unprepared or unproductive are subject to disciplinary action. Consistent behavior of these types is grounds for referral to a counselor or principal.

    Obtaining missed work

    • All students are expected to independently obtain missed work and instructions for classes they are absent from. Handouts may be printed out from the Canvas assignment or agenda pages.
    • Extra printouts may be available in the top drawer of the cabinet near the student workstation in the classroom.
    • Class notes may be printed from any Canvas assignment or notes page.

    Cell phone/Personal device use (also applies to LFC Connections)

    • On most days, phones and tablets should be completely out of sight (not on desks, chairs, shelves, or the floor) at all times. If a device is visible, it is considered "in use."
    • A charging station is provided for students to charge and secure their phones and devices.
      • During tests and (some) quizzes, these devices will be locked in the box and may not be accessed until the test is over.
    • If electronic devices are permitted for use during a class activity, the charging station will be closed.
      • Even when devices are permitted, students are bound by the school's acceptable use policy and the syllabus.
      • Devices must be stowed when activities for which they are used have ended. When these activities have stopped, normal device policies resume effect.
    • Electronic devices will be taken if they are visible or are used in violation of these rules at any time - no exceptions.
      • Students do not receive "warnings" for inappropriate or unauthorized device use.
      • Students who refuse to comply with rules and teacher requests including surrender of personal devices are subject to immediate disciplinary action including referral to a house principal.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: "What is Advanced English I?"

    • English I is a literature-based course in which students will study various genres and literary devices, refine writing skills, develop vocabulary knowledge, extend critical thinking, and practice the research process. Goals for this course include:
      • reading & understanding a wide variety of literary and informational texts;
      • composing a variety of written texts with a clear controlling idea, coherent organization, and sufficient detail;
      • researching to locate a range of relevant sources & evaluating, synthesizing, and presenting ideas and information;
      • listening & responding to the ideas of others while contributing ideas in conversations and in groups; and
      • learning how to use the oral and written conventions of the English language in speaking and writing.

    Q: "Will there be homework?"

    • Homework will be given periodically, and may include:
      • Assigned Reading
      • Canvas Quizzes
      • Unit Projects
    • Additionally, students are expected to have a novel selected for independent reading when a novel is not assigned to the class. These will be the subjects of periodic discussions and assignments.


    Q: "Will there be opportunities for extra credit?"

    • No.

    Q: "What can I do to avoid being overwhelmed in English I?"

    • Log in to Canvas every day.
      • View the Canvas calendar for due dates.
      • Preview daily agendas/assignment pages for discussion, activity, and assignment details.
      • Read class announcements on Canvas.
    • Communicate with the teacher during class, tutorials, and on Canvas.
    • Attend tutorials if necessary.

    Q: "Where are the assignments?"
    • In the Modules section of Canvas.
      • This includes make-up work.
      • In-class work not completed during the time provided is considered homework.
      • Unless you have documented accommodations or verified absences (check with your house office), this will not grant extensions. If an assignment is due in class, and you choose not to finish it until later in the day, it is late.
        • Late work may not be turned in for any credit after one class rotation.
        • Late work is eligible for a maximum grade of 60.
    • Rubrics are at the bottom of most Canvas assignment pages. These are the expectations for each assignment and how they are graded.
    • Due dates are provided in-class (each day, both verbally and on the classroom whiteboard).

    Q: "How do I use Canvas to study?"

    • New notes,videos, and study guides will become available and are updated as lessons are posted. These  can be found in the Modules list under the "Resources" module for the current unit.
    • Past notes, videospractice quizzes, and study guides can be found in the Modules list under the "Resources" module for each past unit.

    Q: "What did I miss when I was absent?"

    • It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date on activitiesassignmentsnotes, and due dates by reading agendas & assignments on the Modules list.
    • You may Contact me if anything on Canvas is unclear.
    • Attend tutorials (schedules are listed above).
    • If you are absent due to extracurricular activities (such as band or athletics), notify me ahead of time.
      • You are responsible for independently obtaining work to be missed before these absences take place.
      • Unless you have specific, documented accommodations with the school, extracurricular absences do not grant you extensions. Your assignments must still be completed on time or before you leave.
    • Read the class syllabus for details regarding absence policies and extensions.

    Q: "What if I don't have a computer or the internet?"

    • The school Wi-Fi is available to all students with some content restrictions; these restrictions do not hinder access to required materials. Additional limitations may apply to users of devices including those that are rooted or jailbroken, or that are using VPN connections or the Tor network; staff may not offer support in these cases.
    • Nearly all resources for this class may be accessed and completed using mobile devices. In cases where a computer is required, computers are supplied during class and it is the student's responsibility to obtain access if these resources are not used responsibly during the time provided.
    • Laptop Check-Outs: ask your House Office for more information.
    • Lowery Freshman Center Library: open before and after school. The library is never open to students during lunch periods or during faculty meeting times.
    • Many local businesses also offer free public Wi-Fi.