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    Welcome to Physics!


    Sara Holloway


    Room F215 
    To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 6314
    • Welcome to Physics! I am thrilled to be returning to my alma mater to teach with the amazing students and faculty of Allen High School. After graduating from AHS, I went to the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER!) and studied Science Instruction. I have a love and passion for teaching and enjoy every day with my students. My husband and I live with our "furbabies" Jack Hodgins, Seeley Booth, Temperance Brennan, Leroy Jethro "LJ" Gibbs, and Abby Sciutto in McKinney.


    • In Physics, students conduct laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include: laws of motion; changes within physical systems and conservation of energy and momentum; forces; thermodynamics; characteristics and behavior of waves; and atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics. Students who successfully complete Physics will acquire factual knowledge within a conceptual framework, use of mathematics to explain concepts, practice experimental design and interpretation, work collaboratively with colleagues, and develop critical thinking skills. Students should expect approximately two hours of outside work per week. Calculator required.
    • Please check our class canvas page (canvas.allenisd.org) for up-to-date class assignments and schedules.