• Melissa Long  
    Welcome to Mrs. Long's classroom website.
     Name: Melissa Long
     Grade/Subject: Essential English III & IV
     To Leave a Voicemail:  972-236-0600, Ext. 0765
     Email: melissa_long@allenisd.org
     Tutoring: Monday and Tuesday 2:30-4:00

    General information about Essential English III & IV    

     The literature selections listed below are a vehicle for students to work on the skills enumerated on their IEPs in the areas of Reading and Written Expression.  It includes both classic and contemporary works.  The pieces used this year will be chosen based on the needs, abilities, and interests of the students in the class.  Not all pieces will be covered every  year.   Within each unit, current news and personal interest articles are interspersed for students to practice their reading and comprehension skills.  All major selections  are read together in class by the students, by the teacher, or on compact disk audio recordings.  Students can experience the work by both reading and hearing it.   Some film clips are shown to further clarify selections as appropriate. 

    Students will not have homework in Essential English unless they have been absent or were unable to complete a task within the class period.   The class is structured to allow students time to read and work on skills while the teacher is present to guide them as needed.  The class is a mixture of blended learning including small group work, guided practice, independent work, and online activities.   Online activities will be done on Canvas.  The website address for this is canvas.allenisd.org.
    Essential English
     Essential English
    Catching Fire
    (Suzanne Collins)
    Short Stories 
    The Media
     The Crucible
    (Arthur Miller)  
    The Great Gatsby
    (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
    A Raisin in the Sun
    (L. Hansberry) 
    Short Stories
    Edgar Allen Poe 
      Mocking Jay
      (Suzanne Collins)
      (William Shakespeare)
      Gulliver's Travels
      (Jonathan Swift)
      The Graveyard Book
      (Neil Gaiman)