Welcome to Ms. Gilbert's Orchestra class!

    To view a detailed calendar and view our handbook, go to www.allenorchestra.org.
    Be sure all of your contact information is updated in Charms. Charms is used for communication, locker information, as well as finances. (School code = fordmsorch)

    Ms. Gilbert's Schedule:

    1st Period - 6th Grade Orchestra (Off-Campus)
    2nd Period - 6th Grade Orchestra (Off-Campus)/Conference
    3rd Period - Sinfonia I
    4th Period - Assist Chamber
    5th Period - Sinfonia II
    6th Period - 6th Grade Orchestra (Off-Campus)
    7th Period - 6th Grade Orchestra (Off-Campus)/Conference

    Tutoring is offered on Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm.