Welcome to AIM as we enthusiastically Activate our Inquisitive Minds!
    Beth Wininger, M. Ed.
    K-6th grade Gifted and Talented Specialist
    Phone:(972)236-0600 ext. 6557
    We encourage GROWTH MINDSET in our AIM classroom. What are your goals for the school year? How will you promote self-growth this year and challenge yourself?
    This is going to be an exciting year!  As a charter member of the Boon Elementary staff, I feel blessed to return to Boon for its fourteenth year and my twenty-fifth year of teaching!  I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to guide the learning experiences of the Boon Elementary AIM(Activating Inquisitive Minds) students!  As an educator, it is important to me to open the minds of my students to an array of learning possibilities while challenging them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  Above all, I want my students to know how special they are as unique individuals and help them reach personal success.  The Boon family is AMAZING ... I am so PROUD to be part of it!
    I have had the pleasure of teaching all elementary grades (K - 6) as a classroom teacher, art educator, as well as a Gifted and Talented teacher throughout my teaching career.  As graduate of Texas A&M University with my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education/Curriculum and Instruction, I encourage my students to achieve their goals and follow through on their ambitions.  As a dedicated mother and an art enthusiast, I hope to inspire my students to take time to enjoy their passions. 
    Spending time with my family is a joy in my life!  On the weekends you can find me attending baseball games, band performances, tae kwon do, soccer, flag football, or enjoying some quality time with my husband and two boys.  I love to take pictures, scrapbook, and do anything CREATIVE! Exploring new places is a hobby of mine!
    The AIM class is designed as an academic enrichment pull-out program specifically tailored for gifted and talented children meeting each school week. Allen ISD endorses the gifted education curriculum created by the College of William and Mary as the basis of our studies. This curriculum, along with hand-on, interactive activities and explorations in the AIM classroom, will promote advanced academics in the core subject areas of Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science. 
    The AIM Program encourages development of critical thinking skills, problem solving, inductive and deductive reasoning, and logic skills tailored to highlight the multiple intelligences and different learning styles of our students.  Our differentiated curriculum is centered around a specific historical time period as the basis of our studies as well as promoting Problem-Based Learning through our rigorous science curriculum.  This year the following grade levels will study ...
    Kindergarten- Thinking Skills

    Grade 1 & 2 - Ancient Egypt and "What a Find" Problem-Based Learning science investigations                                                               

    Grade 3 - Ancient Greece and "Electricity City" PBL science investigations

    Grade 4 - Texas Performance Standards Projects

    Grade 5 - Conflict and Resolution through the Civil War and "Something Fishy" PBL science investigations

    Grade 6 - 1920s & Great Depression and "No Quick Fix" PBL science investigations

    I look forward to working with my FABULOUS AIM students this school year! It is a blessing to see your child's brain wrinkles grow and develop! Check out our AIM CLASS Expectations!