• Meet Mrs. Lundberg

    Name: Cara Lundberg


    Hometown:    Plano, Texas


    Education:     Bachelor of Science

                          Texas Tech University

                          PK-8 Teacher Certification

                          K-12 Special Education



    Teaching Experiences:  Special Education- 6yrs.

                                          Fourth Grade- 7yrs.

                                          Sixth Grade- 1yrs.

                                          Fifth Grade- 4yrs.

    Family:  I have a wonderful husband, Paul. We have known each other for over 29 years now and he means the world to me. 

    We have 2 terrific boys, Jake and Pierce.  Jake graduated from Allen High School and will attend his junior year at Texas Tech University this fall.

    Pierce is a 12th grader at Allen High School this year!  We all share one loving Patterdale Terrier named Belle. 


    Mrs. Lundberg’s Favorite Things

    Book:  Historical Fiction

    Children’s Book:  Wonder by RJ Palacio  and   The Nightingale by Kristian Hannah

    Movies:  Steel Magnolias, Facing the Giants

    Food:  Mexican and Italian Food

    Dessert:  Peppermint and Strawberry Ice-Cream, Cookies, and Brownies, All chocolate

    Drink:  Water, Skinny Lattes from Starbucks,  

    Color: Red and Black – Go Tech!

    Animal:  Dogs

    Store:  Nordstrom, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Ann Taylor

    Vacation:  I love the mountains and Cabo San Lucas, where my husband and I go every year.  Destin and San Antonio are also favorites! 

    Activities: Going on mission trips with my family. I also love reading, exercising, and family outings.  I also enjoy spending time at the ranch watching my boys do what they love, fishing and hunting.   I love spending quality dinner time with my family and enjoying a movie together.

    Virtues:  Integrity; having a Servant’s heart


    Why am I a Teacher?

    I love my career.  I am thrilled that each day will bring something new and I am especially thrilled to teach 5th Grade Science and ELA this year!  I never know what to expect from the kids. They are full of joy, energy, and enthusiasm.  I absolutely love the funny things they say!  It is incredibly rewarding for me to see how they grow and develop academically, physically, socially, and emotionally throughout the school year.  I also love to experiment with Science and discover the world’s history with my students. I cannot wait to learn all about my 5th graders!  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this wonderful 5th-grade team.


    Classroom Goals:

    I want our children to be happy, feel safe, and have fun!  I also believe in educational equity.  Children are all unique with many different personalities and characteristics.  I want all children to learn in ways that are best suited for each individual.  I love to challenge children to reach high expectations and most of all I love to encourage all children to do their personal best.  I can’t wait to begin our journey together!  I know it will be a fun and rewarding year!  Fifth graders are amazing!