Welcome to Mr. McGann's classroom website.
     Name: Matt McGann
     Grade/Subject: Band 6-8
    Here are the Directions for using CHARMS:
    Online database used to house student/family contact information.
      • EMS Band e-mail announcements utilize addresses housed in this database
      • Families are responsible for keeping CHARMS contact information updated
      • How to access CHARMS
       School Code: erecksonband
       Password: AISD student ID number (until the 1st time you log in at which time you'll have to change it to something else)
    Check and update student address & phone number
    Check, add, and update parent addresses, phone numbers & e-mail addresses 
    Remember to "Update" each page when changes are made
    IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CHILD IN 6TH-8TH GRADE BAND, YOU CAN STILL LOG ONTO CHARMS USING THE "erecksonband" SCHOOL CODE.  You can see the Calendar and several other items on the "public" version of Charms.