Welcome to Mrs. Gibson's Art classroom website.
     Name: Alisha Gibson
     Grade/Subject: Art 1 and Pre-AP Art 1
     Email: alisha.gibson@allenisd.org
    Welcome to Lowery Freshman Center's Art Department. I'm very excited to have you as a student!


    Order your 2018-2019 Art Kits for Art 1 and Pre-AP Art 1 here at https://www.dickblick.com/lists/find-blicku/  . Kits will be mailed to you at your address. Make sure that you order for the class you are signed up for. All students need personal art supplies.

    Tutoring: TBA

    Class Schedule

    1st:  Art 1
    2nd: Pre-AP Art 1
    3rd: Teacher Lunch       
    4th:  Art 1
    5th:  Art 1  
    6th:  Conference      
    7th: Art 1
    8th: Art 1

    Class Description: 

    This is a year-long course, the major focus is on the elements of art – line, shape, form, color, value, texture, and space. How these elements are put together in a composition -- the principles of design – is the foundation of the second semester; students will explore the ways that well known artists have used these basic building blocks of art. We will explore many artists, styles & media and develop technical & critical skills.  Activities include studio projects, reading, writing, group activities, videos and quizzes.  All activities count toward your grade.