• Math and Science Club Team

    Ms. Jessica Hong - Mathematics
    Ms. Lori Allen - Science
    Mr. Outlaw - Mathematics
    Meeting times:
    Monday- Science
    3:35 - 4:25
    Wednesday - Number Sense
    3:35 - 4:25
    Thursday - Calculator 3:35 - 4:25 A103
    Friday - General Math 3:35 - 4:25 A103

    If you are interested in joining the math and science competition team, please contact Ms. Hong or Ms. Allen.  The team attends competitions throughout North Texas competing in Number Sense, Calculator, General Math and Science topics.  Competitions are usually on Saturday about once a month.  You will only need to compete at meets that are convenient to your schedule.  Entrance fees and transportation costs for the competitions are paid by the district.  Additional online and small group competitions will be offered when available.  


    Ms. Allen   lori.allen@allenisd.org

    Ms. Hong   jessica.hong@allenisd.org

    Mr. Outlaw paul.outlaw@allenisd.org