•  Pride Council News

    Historian: Violet H. 
    Thursday, September 1, 2016: We held our first meeting and we all elected our 6th grade president and vice president for our pride council.  Gavin is our president and Amy is our vice president.
     Pride Council President and Vice-President
    Our Secretary is David and our Historian is Violet. We discussed what is going to happen on important days like September 15, National Dot Day. We will have some of our  pride council members support our National Dot Day Celebration. Also, we are having our Veterans Day Celebration and a lot of our pride council members are helping with this important event. We will also have a family activity that reinforces the importance of reading at home. This will be called “Read for the Record.” Our pride council members that will help out with the celebrations are Londyn, Drusella, Katrina, Sydney, Violet, Kellie, Autumn, David, Larissa, Henzley, Cora, Gavin and Amy.
     PC Meeting
    September 15, 2016: Dot Day Celebration was a success! Thank you, Autumn, Kellie, and Violet for helping on this committee.
     Dot Day Committee
    Thank you, Ms. Arrrington, our art teacher, and all Rountree students who shared their creativity and imagination.  Click on the following link to view our celebration.
    September 16, 2016: Our president and vice-president presented to our principals. Gavin and Amy discussed with Mrs. Pursifull, Mr. Spies, and Mrs. Demarest  our goals that we want to accomplish this year. 
     Presenting to principals

    Thursday,October 6, 2016: We had our October meeting.  We discussed our Read for the Record school wide activity. We want to promote reading at home. During the week of October 24 - 28, students are encouraged to read at home every night during this week. The winning class will get a fabulous “CONGRATULATIONS!” surprise. We have so many great ideas for the fantastic winners. The people that  helped out were Sydney, Katrina, Larissa,Cora, Ellis and David. Everybody helped out creating the surprise. We all worked hard and "Read for the Record" is a fabulous and fun way to read.                                   

    We also have our “Favorite Character Pumpkin Patch.”  Kellie, Bridget, Londyn, Katrina, and Cora made fabulous book characters out of pumpkins. We already have awesome pumpkins  outside the library. We need more students to make more pumpkins characters and help grow our pumpkin patch.   

    Last, we discussed our Veterans Day Celebration, which will be held on November 11. They have some awesome ideas, and I think everybody will love this too. Check back in November for more details.

                                   Pride Council Pumpkin Patch   
                                   Favorite Character Pumpkin Patch   

    Thursday, November 3, 2016: We discussed our Read for the Record winners. Read for the Record is an activity to promote reading at home. The winners were Mrs.Field’s 3rd Grade class, Mrs. Duncan’s 1st Grade class, and Mr.Sullivan’s 4th Grade class. They all should be proud of what they did. Pride Council was excited to sponsor this significant event. The volunteers put hearts on grade-level doors to congratulate them for their success.   

     read for the record
    We also discussed the Veterans Day Celebration for the Veterans who served  our country. PrideCouncil, and other students, will post the flags during the assembly. The volunteers are Britlyn, Megan, Sydney, Drussela, and Henzley.  Cicely, Cora, Drusella,and Henzley created the Veterans Day flag. Our Veterans Day was a success everybody did awesome! I am proud of everyone's hard work.
    Veterans Day Flag   

    Check back for upcoming details in December!