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    Welcome to the Allen ISD Textbook and Instructional Materials Website which is managed by the AISD Distribution Center. It is the responsibility of the Distribution Center to receive and distribute all textbook and instructional materials. This includes all student books, teacher's ancillaries and workbooks.    

    Helpful TIPWeb Suggestions:

    TIPWeb: Software program used by District to inventory all instructional materials. 

    Creating Requisitions/Adjustments Please put all Student Editions (SE) on 1 requisition, all Teacher Edition(TE)/Teacher Resource (TR) on 1 requisition, and/or all Workbooks on 1 requisition.

    Label Requisitions/Adjustments:  School year - type - date - description  (ie:  17-18 TE 05-05-17 gr 3  or 17-18 SE 05-05-17 reading).  This will make it easier to sort/find a requisition.                                   

    Reading Street:  Student Edition is a CD.  Originally there were 5 per grade/campus. The hard back books are class sets and considered part of the Teacher Resource.                               

    TIPWeb Click Sheet (Excel) 

    This form is for parents of elementary students who would like to look up the cost of a book if it is lost.
    This form is for campuses requesting new books from the IMA committee.


    Year End Check List (Excel) (revised 5/2017)
    Use for end of year (EOY) inventory

    Campus Coordinators Training (revised 5/2017)

    Textbook Procedures & Guidelines (PDF) (revised 5/2017)

    Adoption Schedule (revised 8/2014)

    Used for ALL requests of Large Type or Braille books.  You will need to send a qualifying statement form AND a list of the books (use the textbook request form from above). All Large Type/Braille Current & Out of Adoption (OA) books are to be returned to district warehouse at end of year.  



    Buyer/Textbook Specialist 
    Warehouse Manager

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