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    In accordance with the district’s strategic plan, the K-12 AISD Counselors are implementing character education programming throughout the school year. Each month, the district will focus on one particular character trait.

    Eagles United Lowery's Clubs and Organizations come together to plan activities that promote the character trait within the school and community for each respective month.

    September: Respect for Self and Others, Anti-Bullying; Respect
    October: Healthy Choices, Safety; Self-Discipline
    November: Sportsmanship; Patriotism; Citizenship
    December: Diversity; Empathy
    January: Decision Making, Goal Setting; Determination
    February: Friendships, Coping with Peer Pressure; Healthy Relationships
    March: Honesty, Loyalty; Trustworthiness
    April: Teamwork, Love of Self; Positive Attitude
    May: Accountability, Diligence, Perseverance; Responsibility
    Be The One
    submitted: by Lis Ann
    Be the one to be strong
    And turn heads around
    Even from dark to light
    You are the spark
    You have the fire
    You are the heart
    Now be a believer
    Don't get lost in the crowd



Last Modified on March 6, 2019